Napoca Whisky Club
EST. 2024 Cluj-Napoca

Welcome to the Napoca Whisky Club, where tradition meets passion in the heart of Cluj-Napoca.

Nestled within the vibrant city of Cluj-Napoca, our club offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern sophistication. Each meeting is an invitation to explore the world of whisky, from the peaty depths of Scotland to the innovative distilleries of Japan and the rich, uncharted territories of new world whiskies. But at the heart of our explorations are the Carpathian Mountains, home to some of Romania's most intriguing and delightful whiskies, a true testament to our Romanian roots and the spirit of adventure that animates our club.

The Napoca Whisky Club is not just about tasting whisky.

It's about creating connections and building friendships. Our members come from all walks of life, each bringing their own stories and experiences to the table. Together, we share in the discovery of new flavors, the history behind each bottle, and the artistry of whisky-making. Our gatherings are a celebration of life, where laughter and conversation flow as freely as the whisky we adore.

Our Events

From our “Maiden Voyage” to the “Carpathian Whispers” and beyond, each meeting is carefully curated to ensure an enriching experience. We delve into themes that are both intriguing and enlightening, ensuring that every event is a memorable one. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or new to the world of whisky, the Napoca Whisky Club offers a welcoming environment to learn, enjoy, and grow.

Join us at the Napoca Whisky Club, where every glass tells a story, and every meeting is an opportunity to forge new friendships and discover the boundless world of whisky. Together, let's explore, taste, and celebrate the spirit of camaraderie and the joy of whisky.

Napoca Whisky Club