Terms and Conditions

To ensure a respectful and orderly environment on this website, we provide some information and rules for visitors and users (defined as visitors who post). While the rules are expressed categorically, they serve as clear guidelines for honest and responsible online communication, rather than creating a prohibitive atmosphere.


These regulations apply to visitors/users who have not read them. By accessing, navigating, and generally using the website www.charlietown.ro, hereinafter referred to as the “Site,” you agree to the legal terms and conditions of its use.

Intellectual Property:

The entire content of this Site, regardless of its nature, is the exclusive property of Charlie, hereinafter referred to as the “Company,” protected by copyright and related rights laws. The protection extends to banners, various forms of informational or promotional message displays on the site, and user-submitted materials intended for publication.

Any comment must respect intellectual property rights. Users are personally responsible for violating copyright and related laws. Express your personal opinion and, when referring to materials not your own, provide proper attribution, ensuring correctness and, where necessary, obtaining the owner's consent.


The name “Charlie” or “charlietown.ro,” logos, and associated symbols, including combinations with words, graphic symbols, or any other form used on the Site, are the exclusive property of the Company. Their use in any form requires prior explicit written consent from the Company. Unauthorized use of the Site, not pre-approved in writing by the owner of this Site, is prohibited and subject to legal consequences.


Information and all messages communicated on www.charlietown.ro or transmitted through this site cannot be considered confidential and, from the moment of posting on the site, become the property of the Company. e. The owner of www.charlietown.ro reserves the right to take any action deemed desirable or necessary regarding the content of the Site.

User Rights:

  • The right to access, navigate, and use this Site;
  • The right to benefit from the information posted on the Site;
  • he right to express opinions through comments or request additional information through the contact details provided in the Contact section;


By your consent, Company representatives may contact you with information (communications) about news, events, and tests organized by the Company through email, SMS, phone, and other digital channels such as social networks. Your data, such as email, phone number, or name, are collected through the Company's website, www.charlietown.ro, via pop-ups, contact forms for communication purposes, contact emails, or before the actual online test to facilitate post-test communication.


To tailor the communicated information based on your behavior and preferences and to provide you with the best personalized experience, we may analyze and combine your personal data. These data are securely stored on our servers. For secure email or SMS delivery, our company collaborates only with authorized providers of hosting, SMS messaging, and emailing services, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with relevant national and European regulations, such as GDPR.


When we analyze and combine your personal data, we do so in accordance with applicable legal provisions under GDPR, which may involve obtaining prior approval or confirmation and/or additional information from you.

Visitor/User Obligations:

a. Use the Site only for lawful purposes;
b. Do not violate the technological and protective measures of the Site:
i. Do not engage in activities such as cracking, hacking, or similar activities that could affect the proper functioning of the Site, the server, information security, etc.;
ii. Do not introduce code or code sequences with virus or malware characteristics that could endanger data security, the Site, etc.;
c. Do not store, copy, duplicate, distribute, archive, or retain any type of material and information from the Site, or anything related to its content;
d. Do not post on the Site messages/materials that are illegal, discriminatory, abusive, harassing, threatening, vulgar, obscene, racist, profane, offensive, or defamatory to individuals/organizations, harmful in any way, or encouraging illegal behavior or behavior contrary to the stated purpose of this site;
e. Do not post advertisements (this clause also applies to advertising in signatures). For posting an advertising message, please contact the Site owner/administrators beforehand. Posting links to pages containing links/ads for the Site is excluded from this rule. In this regard, we reserve the right to refuse certain sites, based on our own considerations;
f. Spam is prohibited and will be penalized according to point 6;
g. Do not post comments that may be classified as unsolicited commercial messages or that contain explicit or implied recommendations for selling or purchasing a specific product or service;
h. Do not disclose confidential information;
i. Do not publish messages that could harm the image, price, or market value of a product/service/brand/organization or that could negatively affect the public image of an individual;
j. Do not collect personally identifiable information from Site users.

Processing Personal Data

All participants are granted rights in accordance with Law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data. This law provides individuals with the right to information, access to data, the right to intervene on data, and the right to object. Each participant has the right to request the removal of their data from the company's database by sending a written, dated, and signed using one of our contact forms.


Upon the express written/email request of the participants, Charlie undertakes:

to rectify, update, block, delete, or transform into anonymous data, free of charge, data whose processing does not comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 and GDPR regarding the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data; to cease, free of charge, the processing of the personal data of the applicant.


Charlie assumes no responsibility for incorrect registration of personal data.

Final Provisions:

The terms and conditions of this Site may be modified at any time, without prior or subsequent notice, and come into effect from the moment of posting on www.charlietown.ro.


Therefore, please review them periodically, especially if there is an announcement on the main page to that effect.

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